Able2 provides environmental modifications for people that qualify for services through the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and either rent or own their own homes. After a clinical assessment, our team will work with our individual or their family to make internal or external modifications to the house so they can remain in the home safely and independently.

Environmental Home Modifications (E-mods) usually include designing, purchase, and installation of:

  1. Entrance ramps
  2. Lifts - hydraulic, manual or electric, for porch, bathroom, or stairs
  3. Widened doorways and hallways
  4. Handrails and grab bars
  5. Automatic or manual door openers and doorbells

Bathroom and kitchen modifications include:

  1. Roll-in showers
  2. Sinks and tubs
  3. Water faucet controls
  4. Plumbing adaptations to allow for toilet or sink adaptations
  5. Turnaround space changes or adaptations
  6. Worktables or work surface adaptations
  7. Cabinet and shelving adaptations

For more information contact our Intake Coordinator at 734-7107.



In the early part of March, an Environmental Modification was completed at Issiah's home.  The modifications included a re-work of the bathtub and shower.  All work was done according to plan.  Issiah and his grandmother, Ruth, love the end result.  Issiah can actually wheel into bathroom and turn around, plus use the shower area without impediment.  Issiah gave the work "his stamp of approval".